Ghost Ghost

24 Day 7

  • Renee Walker: I don't know what to do.
  • Jack Bauer: I can't tell you what to do. I've been wrestling with this one my whole life. I-I see 15 people held hostage on a bus, and everything else goes out the window. And I will do whatever it takes to save them, and I mean whatever it takes. (wry chuckle). I guess maybe I thought… if I save them… I'd save myself.
  • Renee Walker: Do you regret anything that you did today?
  • Jack Bauer: No. Then again, I don't work for the FBI.
  • Renee Walker: I don't understand.
  • Jack Bauer: You took an oath. You made a promise to uphold the law. When you cross that line, it always starts off with a small step. Before you know it, you're running as fast as you can in the wrong direction just to justify why you started in the first place. These laws were written by much smarter men than me. And in the end, I know that these laws have to be more important than the 15 people on the bus. I know that's right. In my mind, I know that's right. I just don't think my heart could ever have lived with that. I guess the only advice I can give you is… try to make choices that you can live with.

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